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We have Nav4 + the Outlook Integration module. Everything seems to work OK, but I have a pretty major problem...

No notes?!

Since Nav4 has no concept of a memo field, and Outlook has no concept of a table, we seem to have a CRM solution that doesn't synchronize (in my opinion) the most important part of customer relations: Simple notes...

The idea is for our sales people (who aren't very computer literate) to make their notes in Outlook while they're disconnected from our Navision database. At the same time, when they synchronize, our order desk (who is even less computer literate) needs to be able to review these notes quickly while on the phone with the customer. The little comment cards you find throughout Navision are perfect for this because there is just a date/time and comment and I can replace the Profile/Questonnaire area on the Contact Card (which we don't use) with the comments very easily... I tell ya we'd have the perfect setup for this company...

BTW, we've tried everything out of the box, and we are expected to pay consulting fees + development fees to have something engineered for us, which just doesn't seem right. ](*,)

Anyone have any thoughts on this?


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    ara3nara3n Member Posts: 9,256
    What I had to do for a client was to give them an option to load the memo lines separately. I had to write a VB Com object. The user would select the folder and comments were loaded into the comment line.
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    ShenpenShenpen Member Posts: 386
    Why don't you just write the note to the appointment when the information in the note was collected?

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