How to update field that is a flowfield on form

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I have a field(flow field) that calculate total(sum) value from another table.
Calcformula : Sum("Table B"."Cost" WHERE (Parent Item No.=FIELD(No.)))

When I change value field Cost in Table B. It's not update in form that
have flowfield.If I want the flowfield to update value,I have to close form and open form again. How to make this form to auto update flowfiedl value when we change field cost in table B?


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    krikikriki Member, Moderator Posts: 9,090
    The flowfields are only updated on refresh of the record. You can obtain this also by clicking on the form (if you are on another form). Or you can put some code in the form : "CurrForm.UPDATE(FALSE);".
    It is not possible to update a flowfield automatically when it's value changes.
    You can try this to do it "automatically":
    -put the TimerInterval-property of the form to a value (e.g. 1000 for each second).
    -in the "Form - OnTimer()"-trigger, you can put "CurrForm.UPDATE(FALSE);".
    But this has the negative that it becomes very difficult to use the form to update the record. It should be a SHOW-only form.
    Regards,Alain Krikilion
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