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Hi once more,

seems this is a bit of a chestnut ........

Yes I can send filters in the webpart to the Report - but these filters are of course static in the webpart - how can we send runtime filters in the webpart ie the date filter, input by the user at time of submit

Any possible approaches to solving this?

Cheers and regards, Matthias.


  • MatthiasNMatthiasN Member Posts: 31
    bump - anyone :?:
  • IHateLinuxIHateLinux Member Posts: 223

    currently with EP not possible. There is even a check if you want to let the user enter values in a field using them as filter for the next request.

    Because the user can break the security concept by modifying the filter in a way where he can "replace" filter and therefore get access to data which he does not belong to.

  • MatthiasNMatthiasN Member Posts: 31
    Yeah I sort of expected that - needs to be addressed somehow.

    Thanks again, Rainer.
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