[Scenario] Three different companies

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Hello all,

I need your opinion and sugestion.
I have a following situation. Three companies in a three different countries. These companies are financially separate, so each of them has to be represented in a Navision as a different company. But there are some common fields, like orders, customers, vendors. Two companies should work with functionality of a version W1 and other one with PL. All employees from all companies is about 70.
My idea is to put Navision on the central server, with functionality of PL version (that includes functionality of W1) and allow all client to connect to the server using VPN or something else. Each company will contain his own licence. Database of course SQL Server. Set some tables common for all companies.
Is it a good idea? Do you think that this might be worked?

I am indebted to you for your answers.

Best regards
Navision Application Version: 4.0SP1
Navision Database Version: 4.0


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