Navision Messenger v01

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Navision Messenger v01
Navision Messenger, inspired from "Chat Message" submission by Esteban Gandia.

You can use this to check who is logged in, send messages, send file attachments. I have also added a new message notification to this.

I am not very happy with the color scheme but if you have any suggestions, your welcome to send me a mail or modify the objects & send me an update.

Hope you enjoy using this.


Note: only works with Navision >= 4.0.

Discuss this download here.


  • SavatageSavatage Member Posts: 7,142
    Note: only works with Navision >= 4.0.

    What makes this so?

    have you tested it on older versions - or should I not bother?
  • Luc_VanDyckLuc_VanDyck Member, Moderator, Administrator Posts: 3,633
    Because it uses some new field in the Systems-table Sessions: "Idle Time" which is not available in previous versions.
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  • rj5570rj5570 Member Posts: 157
    cant run it after import, says I do not have permissions, i think its because I can only use the 50K ranger up to 50099
    - So it Goes.
  • SavatageSavatage Member Posts: 7,142
    if you can import the txt file then change the txt file from 50100 to 50099.

    Or can you only inport the fob?
  • BeowulfBeowulf Member Posts: 0
    I have the same problem. I changed the txt file from 50101 to 50098 and 50100 to 50097,
    but i still don't haver permission. I only have permission when i use a coder license.

    Do i need a special granule for the messenger?
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