production order routing line & error showing schedule d

mark_christsmark_christs Member Posts: 156
I am new to this forum, I am using na. 4.0 sp1 here. I would like to ask you about the schedule manually field in the production order routing line that can be checked mark manually and also critical path field. Has someone here ever used the field and how to use them ?
I also has problem to generate production schedule. I have tried to generate it without filled firm planned production order line but has firm planned production order no. and all machine and work centers has registered and have calendars. the popup message said "error showing schedule data on the production order". Eventhough I use a firm planned production order resulted from sales order planning, the message still came.
thank you for your attn and answers.



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    minou_barabiminou_barabi Member Posts: 5
    Hello Mark,
    I have come across this error as well, and have checked my work center calendar, work date, production schedule set up, but am having a hard time figuring out the problem. Were you able to resolve your problem? What did you have to do?

    Thanks you.

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