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ashishguptaashishgupta Member Posts: 24
Has anybody know about business Analytics in Navision.
I have created a new cube in Navision then update XML.
Now if I'm opening BA Database window to start configurator then what I have to entered in the path to configurator field. As it is asking for .exe file. what is that and how can i make that ?


  • ammandulammandul Member Posts: 11

    you can find the program baconfigurator.exe in the program-folder from business analytics.

    This program create an relational datamart, generate DTS-packages(Datatransformation) and an OLAP-database. This is the program for the configuration from business analytics.
  • ashishguptaashishgupta Member Posts: 24
    hello ammandul,
    Thanks, for such a quick reply but baconfigurator.exe is not there in program files. Even I have installed analysis manager but it is not there.
  • ammandulammandul Member Posts: 11

    the ba-configurator is not an element from analysis manager. In the german install-package I can find 2 folders:

    BA_FOB(new objects for navision)
    BA_TARGIT(install-folder for ba-basic and ba-advanced)

    In the folder BA_TARGIT I can find the program "baconfigurator40.exe".
    It is possible to copy this file in a userdefined folder.

    PS. search the folder Business Analytics not the program folder...
  • kinekine Member Posts: 12,562
    BA configurator is installed as part of BA Basic instalation from Navision BA install CD.
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