How to use Matrix box control

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Hi Great D'day to All,

I like to know how to use MATRIX BOX control. what is real use of this control and how to use this control.

Give me an example of both technical and functional,
If there is any documents and help files plz provide me.

Thanx in advance



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    Functional:it is used to show a data in a matrix. E.g. If you have N items and M locations and you want to know the inventory of each item in each location, you can write it as a list : e.g.
    Item 1 ; Location 1 = inventory qty
    Item 1 ; Location 2 = inventory qty
    Item 1 ; Location 3 = inventory qty
    Item 2 ; Location 1 = inventory qty
    Item 2 ; Location 2 = inventory qty
    Item 2 ; Location 3 = inventory qty
    But it is not efficient, if you put the items in rows and locations in columns, you have your information in a much more efficient way.
    Look at Form 491 (Item card => Menubutton Item => Items by location). You can use this form as an example.
    Another example is F113:Budget.

    I'll send a fob with more info on how to create a matrix-box to Luc Van Dyck to put into the How-To's-section. So check there from time to time.
    Regards,Alain Krikilion
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