Costing question:

jeremydjeremyd Member Posts: 22
Hey guys, question:

If I've got a PO dated say 10/01/05, with one item line costing $2,000.00,
and we've received the product(posted the receipt, but haven't yet invoiced it) and turned it around and sold it the same year...

And we go back to the received PO, and change the unit cost of the one line to $3,000.00, change the posting date to something into next year, such as 01/02/06, and then invoice that PO...

When we run adjust cost/post to g/ there any way to make that cost difference ($1000) post in 2006, and not 2005? Simply changing the posting date and running adj cost/post to g/l doesn't seem to work this way.

Basically, we would want the charge this cost difference, or change into 2006, and keep the original $2000.00 cost in 2005. Make sense?

Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!


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