restore database 3.56 in MBS 4.0

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i have a backup file from Navision 3.56 Dos (*.#bk). Only the company-data are included. I have read that I could restore the backup in a new Database with client 4.00, but i get after a short time an error - Internal error 10005 in Modul 19. Have anyone a idea for this problem. Is this even a possible way to restore Data form 3.56 in a new Database 4.00, or ist there an other way to migrate the Data. Thanks for your help.

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    May be that you will need upgrade to 2.60 and after that from 2.60 to 4.00. I do not know for which version of upgradetoolkit include upgrade from 3.36...
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    Here ist the solution for the Problem.

    We also tried with Version 2.00, 3.60, 3.70, always the same error.
    then we tried with the client monitor. We found the table, which produced the error. We restore the backup in a 3.56 database. Then we delete all flow-fields from this table and made an new backup. Then the restore works without a error.
    Andreas Vogl
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    That's a creative solution, good that you made that work :mrgreen:
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