print directly to a printer (data from XML base64)

alfred58alfred58 Member Posts: 12
i have the follwing problem:

we get data via XML-File (data64 - base64)
this is a pdf-file.

The problem now is how can i print this pdf-file from navision to a windows printer?

is this possible with direct printer ocx?


  • kinekine Member Posts: 12,562
    Direct printer ocx is simple library which will send the data directly to the printer. It means, you can send esc sequences or another printer language to print. If you will send only the XML file, it will be printed as plain text.
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  • ShenpenShenpen Member Posts: 386
    I am not sure it would work with a PDF file. For PDF-s, it's Acrobat Reader that does the printing. I suggest to Google around whether Acrobat has an OCX you can use for PDF printing.

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  • alfred58alfred58 Member Posts: 12
    \:D/ after encoding the base64 data you can print the pdf-file with tools from:
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