When to pay the 100€ for support from PartnerSource?

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When creating a support incident at PartnerSource I'm required to give them my credit card information. This is because that they "might" take 100€ to answer my request. This annoyed me in the beginning, but since they never charged me I got used to it.

Now they suddenly charged me 100€, but I haven’t got any explanation for why they did, and why this support incident was different that my other support calls.

Has anybody got any information about when a support incident is going to be charged and when it is free? (We are a Gold Partner, if that makes any difference)


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    Really? We are gold too and never had problems. But of course, each time I wrote some incident it was some bug in Navision...

    Did you wrote some question or something, what was not bug?
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    i believe you get a certain number of request. once you reach the limit, they start charging.
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    I think that bug reporting (or bug solving) is not charged. Only support not connected to MS bug is charged or is written off the incident package.
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    Like also other replies, we haven't been charged yet, but we always reported some bug.

    When submitting a support request the only explanation is:
    "There is an additional charge of: 100,00 € If the support engineer determines that this is not a billable incident, then you will not be charged. "

    There is also a possibility to dispute the charge: You can go to PartnerSource >> VOICE >> Technical Support >> Incidents Remaining - there is an email link at the top of the page to dispute this incident.

    Hope it helps! Please return with your results, so also we others will know how to operate if we are going to get charged.
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    My support request was regarding recommended SQL server size for a bigger database than listed in the public document: https://mbs.microsoft.com/knowledgebase ... ZLXNNSQZMQ

    I got a few unoffical documents:
    * Unoffical Navision SQL hardware 001.pdf
    * Navision 4_TS_CITRIX Recommendations_FAQ.doc
    * Navision 4 0 on MS Cluster Server.doc
    (And a few public documents I already had)

    The documents are actaully quite good - just frustrating they are kept almost hidden.

    Well, I took a look at Voice and can see that we have no "Incidents Remaining" (aka: Prepaid Indicents), but on the other hand have we apparently not used any incidents. (When I'm in the "Incidents Remaining" menu). But I can find several incident under "Support Incidents" - and the last one is mine with Charged=Yes :-(

    I can't find anywhere to dispute the charge, but I can re-open the incident. We'll grab hold of our MBS contact today - I'll let you know what she has to say about it.
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    If you look in VOICE --> Technical Support --> Incidents Remaining, there is a link called "Click Here to Question a Non-Exempt/Charged Incident."

    If you click on that link you'll get an explanation which incidents are not chargeable:
    • Software Problems/Bugs
    • Missed Guarantees – If we don’t meet your guarantee, the incident is exempt
    • Service Level/Incident Inquiries
    • Suggestions/Enhancement Requests
    • Service Requests for customers that have an Unlimited Support Plan with Microsoft Business Solutions when the partner identifies the customer they are requesting assistance for.
    If an incident as described above WAS charged against your incident count it would qualify as a reviewable incident.
    · Note that an incident can only be reviewed within 30 days after it is marked “Closed”. If the “Closed” incident is older than 30 days the incident in question will not be evaluated and cannot be reversed.

    If your incident looks like on of the above listed, you can dispute your incident writing to:
    · EMEA: [email protected] (check the details at that same page)

    If you ask for my opinion, your incidents is somewhere in gray area. It's not a bug, you asked for some aditional information - but as you are saying, those information are not available anywhere (and I think they should be).

    Good luck with dispute!

    I will use Google before asking dumb questions.
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