navision financials on an IBM RS6000 server

Reisinger_ChristianReisinger_Christian Member Posts: 2
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first of all, sorry for my bad english...

we have installed navision financials on an IBM RS6000 server.
so far so good

but we have little problems

1. when the last user log off from navision, the sever hangs up and must be rebooted.

2. the access to the user-table is very very slow.

3. we have installed a raw device which normally writes data parallel to disk, but it does not.
actually it writes data serial to disk!

does anyone know, where i can get information how to configurate the server and navision?
has anyone experience with this?

thanks for your help!


  • Tarek_DemiatiTarek_Demiati Member Posts: 112
    on the Navision CD go to
    NFDOC and check the ISM.PDF file,
    that's the Installation & System Management manual.
  • paulflorypaulflory Member Posts: 5
    I successfully installed and ran the server on the RS/6000, but I did not use a raw device. It runs ok. I have not tried testing out how much work it can perform (i.e., number of users, transactions, and network activity).

    How did you set up the raw device in AIX?
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