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headley27headley27 Member Posts: 235
Two of our clients have recently merged into one company.

Is there an easy way to combine the two existing Navision customer accounts (as well as the previous and pending transactions) into one customer account?

Thank you.


  • Alex_ChowAlex_Chow Member Posts: 5,063
    Not really...

    The only thing that comes closest is Consolidation. However, the consolidation feature in Navision only works with G/L, not customer or vendor balances.
  • kinekine Member Posts: 12,562
    When our company merged with another, we started new company with initial entries from previous companies, it was easiest for us. Of course, the databse was very small. But I think that one way is to select one company as continuation of the company and transfer initial entries from second company into this company. But all is depending on what you want to be able to see inthe new database etc.
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  • headley27headley27 Member Posts: 235
    Too bad.

    You might think with all of the company mergers that happen worldwide that this is something that would have been included.

    Doesn't hurt to ask.

    Thank you.
  • ShenpenShenpen Member Posts: 386
    I think it cannot be included as a standard function or an add-on, as it is quite a work:

    - you have to review add-ons/customizations in the code and find a common denominator that's acceptable to both parties
    - you have to find out a common denominator to settings
    - you have to clean duplications of master data

    I suggest to consider it as a project on it's own with analysis, planning, shcedule etc.

    Do It Yourself is they key. Standard code might work - your code surely works.
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