Integration Manager Error Message

hedgracerhedgracer Member Posts: 2
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I am running Dynamics 7.0 on a sql server 2000 system. We have installed
integration manager and when I go to Tools-Integration-Integration Manager I
get the following internal error message:

Database File Not Found: 'C:\Program Files\Microsoft\Great
Plains\Integration Manager\IM.Mdb'
Database 'C:\Program Files\Microsoft\Great Plains\Integration
Manager\IM.Mdb" doesn't exist

Is this access file installed with the integration manager installation?
Dave Christman
System Developer


  • HushdontspammeHushdontspamme Member Posts: 56

    it looks like you host the IM.mdb file on a shared network.

    Do a search for it - once you have found it, go into IM > tools> options and change the IM path.


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