Multi ports over Internet Connection

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We have multiple services running on our work server and when I am connected to our lan I can access any service by typing the service name i.e. " Navision25". The problem we are running into is when I establish a internet connection and attempt to start the same service as above i get a tcp connection timed out error.
I modified the host & services file to read our static IP and port #.
The only service I can connect to is the service running on Navision default port 2407? The service "Navision25" is on port 2440. I can't connect over the internet to any other service other than the default service on the 2407 port. We are using a firewall and it is configured correctly.
We have for example
static IP = internal IP Anyone have any suggestions ???


  • dbdb Member Posts: 82
    Try check that ports used on connection with netstat utility.
    Then configure firewall, keep in mind that connection to port 2440 can be made from any port:
    source:<any> -> dest:2440
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