Universal Excel Importer v1.2



  • SavatageSavatage Posts: 7,134Member
    I don't think that's a proper filter in this case.
    Are you looking to skip the first line beacuse it's the HEADER line?
  • HayanHayan Posts: 93Member
  • BENNEBENNE Posts: 16Member

    When I am running in a 2009 Cassic Client and try to run CU99991 am I getting the following message:

    "The funktion was called with Text in the parameter 2
    It should have been Text."

    Can you please help me?

    Best regards
  • HayanHayan Posts: 93Member
    r u using the correct format for the excel file used, when u import the file using the import tool you need to specify header and map them in the desired table.

  • BENNEBENNE Posts: 16Member
    I am just trying to run the CU from the designer and then getting the message as the first.
  • mabl4367mabl4367 Posts: 143Member

    I think this tool will be very usefull.

    However when I try to run the codeunit I get an error.

    I'm a superuser so I think it must be due to a problem with my license.

    Any sugestions?
  • tomdepoortertomdepoorter Posts: 65Member

    Which values do I have to use in Excel when I want to import a boolean?

    I've already tried 1, true, True, ja (dutch for true), Ja
    but it doesn't seem to work,
    the default boolean value (0, false) is always taken.

    Best regards

  • SonGoten13SonGoten13 Posts: 50Member

    Wanted a tool like this for years but never stepped over something that really did exactly what i was looking for. Finally made the effort and looked deep throught some of the tools here on mibuso and this one made me happy :)
    It has some years already but sill thx for that :thumbsup:

    Didn't test all the features yet, but here are 2 basic things that didn't work for me:
    - The options "Insert" and "Update" seem always true even if I deselect them. Checked it in Debugger: The Variable "ImporterOptions" comes differently but the codepiece "optInsert := testBit(0,ImporterOptions);"(in function "ImportDataFromFile") doenst seem to work as intended. I made a workaround in function "ChooseColumnsToImport" where i read all the options directly, save them in global variables and set them later again.
    - Scenario: I have a big list with entries where i just want to insert the new ones and NOT update existing ones: Didn't work except i used the "Delayed Insert" Option. I changed this little bit of code so it suits me better:
      //IF (optInsert AND NOT optDelayedInsert) OR (recordFound AND optUpdate) THEN BEGIN   //old
      IF (NOT recordFound AND optInsert AND NOT optDelayedInsert) OR (recordFound AND optUpdate) THEN BEGIN   //new

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