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Written on behalf of Ilana Smith:

Hi everyone,

My name is Ilana Smith and I’m a program manager in the Dynamics NAV product group. In our team, we’ve recently rolled-out an initiative, sponsored by our General Manager Darren Laybourn, to increase our involvement in the vibrant NAV Community. We know how much great conversation is occurring about NAV, and we want to join in. Hopefully, we can be helpful and provide useful information; we think we’ll learn a bunch.

Members of the NAV team have always been pretty actively talking to customers and partners (we couldn’t build a product that met your needs if we didn’t). We’re going to amp this up, but more importantly, we’re going to make it more obvious. One of the things you might expect to see is participants on this site clearly marked as from Microsoft. (And for those Microsofties out there who are already members, contact Luc and he’ll update your account.) There will also be a lot more of us reading the forums, even if we’re not posting.

Don’t worry about being mean and scaring us off – positive feedback is nice, but negative feedback is useful.

If you’re coming to Convergence in beautiful Copenhagen in October, come and say hi.

Ilana Smith

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