Great Plains development project to import Invoices

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Good Morning

I am a Financials software development engineer new to Great Plains
Who has been tasked with importing invoice data from another system.

So far I have created a table in the test company sqlserver database of
Greate Plains installation with all the invoice information necessary.

First I wished to create some custom reports on the table I’ve created
To check the data, but there is no sign of my table in the report writer, it appears that the report writer looks in a .dic file locally on your machine, in the dynamics client folder to get meta data information.

How do I either create my own .dic file or add to the dynamics.dic file
So I can see my table? (If this is whats happening)

Next I’ll want to import the data into the tables that contain the pre posted
Invoice information, how do I find out how to do this ?. Can I create a batch
Of invoices which I can identify from the Great Plains client as having been
Imported from my table.


David Hills


  • MohammadSalahMohammadSalah Member Posts: 5
    Dear, You can simply use the integration manager to import all invoices from your old system to great plains.
    By this way you will not need an extra table in the database and all data are available.

    Mohammad Salah
    Mohammad Salah
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