Depreciation calculation

tarikkoctarikkoc Member Posts: 8
My customer calculated depreciation for 31.12.21, then decided to revaluate their fixed asset book values on 31.12.21 by entering an appreciation record. now they want to calculate another depreciation for the same fixed assets for the same date expecting the system to calculate depreciation for the new book value, but it doesnt. System probably looks for the last depreciation date on “fa depreciaton book” table, sees 31.12.21 and doesnt calculate anything. Any suggestions?


  • BertVerbBertVerb Member Posts: 24
    System looks indeed to the last deprecation date in the fa entries.
    So think post it on the next day. Or redraw the old deprecation.
  • tarikkoctarikkoc Member Posts: 8
    Thanks. We thought so too
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