How to Create SQL Query for this scenario ?

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I want to Purchase date against posted sales invoice item. Let me explain in brief.

1> First I am open "Posted Sales Invoice" Table & take one Invoice.
2> now open this invoice and from line you have to select one item & navigate to "ILE".
3> now the task is to find purchase date of particular item for this item.

Problem is that when I press applied entry then it goes me to same table & i don't know how to do in SQL.

Is there anyone here to help me to solve this issue.


  • txerifftxeriff Member Posts: 480
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    This is not a simple task:

    I would suggest you to go to value entry.
    -You will get a value entry per posted invoice line.
    -Each line has "item ledger entry no."
    -Using that "item ledg. entry no", you can browse the internal table "item application entries":
    -use "inbound item ledger entry no." to find in value entries (filter by this item ledger entry) when the goods where purchased.

    now translate this to SQL or a stored procedure.

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