Migration process from NAV2013 R2 with German localization to BC latest version (Saas)/OnPrem

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Dear All,

I have a enduser who has their HQ in Germany, where they currently have NAV2013 R2 with German localization and multicompany database, and they would like to migrate to BC and since they are not keen to have database in cloud, they are thinking to have some private cloud 9, since IT Director would like to get rid of server and hardware maintenance.

Currently they have NAV2013 R2 with German localization installed in Germany (onPrem), with multiple companies with additional localizations - Polish, Slovakian (all in one database).

Could you please advice what is the best option? We talked to a partner who has recommended to go for the SaaS (cloud) deployment, but IT Director has asked me for my point on view on cloud deployment, and since I installed BC SaaS to their subsidiary in the USA with multiple companies (Canada, Mexico), but without financials (they all use 3rd party software for financials); I am just thinking if BC Saas deployment can be done for one client who has a HQ company in Germany (where German localization must be installed and all financial and inventory posting is done according to German fiscal regulations; and to install same database with same application code at their subsidiaries in Poland, Slovakia, Russia, China, USA, Canada, Mexico by merging the country specific localizations)?

I know that SaaS version might not be available in all countries, but I just need to know what is the best type of deployment, by avoiding the hardware responsibilities.

I worked at a MS partner for a while where the support was terrible and I do want to avoid to write emails to restart some service, or similar issues.

Perhaps the private cloud or maybe hybrid environment would be more suitable?

I hope it is clear enough:)

Thanks Damjan

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