Collation - Report to display Slovakian characters where server code page is set to German

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Hi All,

What is the best solution to design the report that displays both languages (Slovakian and German) as expected?
I have to have default language set to German on the server, since my HQ company is in Germany and a lot of software uses German characters.

I have to create a report that displays text constants in German (DEU) and in Slovakian (SKY) languages.
I added text constants in DEU and SVK languages, but of course Slovakian characters are not properly displayed.

System info:
NAV version: NAV2013 R2 DE localization
SQL database collation: Latin1_General_100_CS_AS
NAV has only German and US English languages installed.
NAV client has multi-language pack installed

Server language for non-unicode programs = German (Windows code page)

If I change Server language for non-unicode programs on the server to Slovakian, then I can insert Slovakian text constants and they are displayed as expected.
Also German text constants are displayed as expected (see last printscreen).

Text constant when code page of server is set to German

Text constant when code page of server is set to Slovakian

Report does not display Slovakian characters as expected, if code page is set to German

Report is displayed as expected, if code page is set to Slovakian

Thank you for your feedback. Damjan


  • lubostlubost Member Posts: 600
    What data NAV sending to report (Ctrl-Alt-F1 on preview page)?
    Try to use another font for Slovak language. Report is generated by SQL tool.
  • DamjanDamjan Member Posts: 92
    Hi lubost,
    I already found a solution.

    I made a copy of database and install NAV server and client on my local computer, restored the database and after that I changed language for non-unicode programs on to Slovakian. I set the windows keyboard language to Slovakian and inserted all the text constants in Slovakian as expected. Report works as expected.
    I have then exported the report object and imported it into the DEV database on the server where language for non-unicode programs is set to German and report work as expected (I tried to open the NAV client in ENU and DEU languages)- Slovakian characters are displayed properly as expected.

    Thanks Damjan
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