NAV2018 - not able to connect to NAV Server

LawrenceChaiSCLawrenceChaiSC Member Posts: 2
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Hi all

I have 2 laptops freshly installed with NAV2018. Both laptops are the on the same network, both windows 10 pro.

1 can connect to NAV but the 2nd one cannot. Error when I open NAV2018 is -


When trying to change the server, I got this error


I have uninstalled and reinstalled on the 2nd laptop, copied the Config file from the 1st laptop to the 2nd laptop, but still 2nd laptop cannot connect.

This is the screenshot of the 1st laptop -


Any ideas?

Best Regards



  • AluanAluan Member Posts: 149
    Hello LawrenceChaiSC,
    what happens if you ping the Server? Do you get an answer?

    Firewall and Antivir is the same on both machines?
  • LawrenceChaiSCLawrenceChaiSC Member Posts: 2
    Both laptops can ping server. Tracert for both laptops are identical.

    Firewall and Anti-virus are also the same.

    Best Regards
  • AluanAluan Member Posts: 149
    is that a domain network, is the user the same and did you check the eventlog?

    If the user is the same and you are in a domain network it should either be the port, that is blocked, or your Firewall or Antivir. (Maybe you can disable it temporarily)
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