multiple expiration dates error after reclass. journal

delaghettodelaghetto Member Posts: 89
edited 2015-01-23 in NAV Three Tier
I've found several hotfixes related to error: "There are multiple expiration dates registered for lot XXXX". However they don't seem to work with this particular situation when I use a Reclassification Journal.

The case is:

- I create a new product with required batch number and expiration date.

- I purchase this product and create a new batch and expiration date

- Later I find out, I made a mistake in the expiration date, so I create a reclassification journal and update the expiration date.

- I sell this product and batch with a sales order, so that I have zero stock left.

- I create a new purchase order of the same product and batch. When i receive this order, I get error :"There are multiple expiration dates registered for lot XXXX"

This is even happening after updating to NAV 2013 R2 CU14

can anyone confirm if this bug is in their system as well?
Is there any other procedure for correcting expiry dates other than reclassification journal?



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