Assign multiple values ​​to 2d Array

PablogrindPablogrind Member Posts: 8
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How can I assign multiple values ​​to an two dimension array and not one by one
_matriz : array[2,10] of Text[100];

 {""," uno", " dos", " tres", " cuatro", " cinco", " seis", " siete", " ocho", " nueve"},
 {" diez"," once"," doce"," trece"," catorce"," quince"," dieciséis"," diecisiete"," dieciocho"," diecinueve"}



  • KishormKishorm UKMember Posts: 921
    You have to set each array entry individually, you can't just initialise it with a set of values in one line of code.
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