Heavy query with 2-Abort in profiler

Mkan1512Mkan1512 Member Posts: 2

During a (re)search for a performance issue using the SQL Server Profiler we found (large) query's with an Error '2-Abort'.
Sometimes the reads are enormous (>200.000) and a duration of +73000
We see this query every time we open a sale/purchase order (or create a new) but not when we open a sale invoice (same table)

As a test, I removed almost all fields from page 42 (only No. and address info are still there) then we do not have the issue.
When I have only the No. field and "No. of Archived versions" (flowfield) we have the issue.

The start of the query is "SELECT TOP (50) ISNULL("Sales Header"."timestamp",0x0000000000000000) AS "timestamp",ISNULL("Sales Header"."Document Type",0) AS "Document Type",ISNULL("Sales Header"."No_",N'') AS "No_", ..."
It looks like that all the fields from table 36 are included.

Then there are several (7 for the sales order) OUTER APPLY (SELECT TOP(1) ... with an AS "SUB$No_ of Archived Versions" (for example)

The server (2012R2) is running on VMWare.
SQL (2012) & NAV (2013) are on the same server,
separate disk for Data/Log/TempDB
192Gb mem (174 for SQL)
Stats update every night

1. Error 2-Abort means that the client (not SQL) time-out. Why do we see this error (which time-out) ? How to fix
2. Is this query coming from the middle tier (I cannot find any code which is related) and is this normal behavior ?


  • vaprogvaprog Member Posts: 973
    I would guess the query comes from a factbox. Finding the offender probably will help you figuring out, why it does not perform well.
  • Mkan1512Mkan1512 Member Posts: 2
    Thanks for answering, but no it is not coming from a factbox.
    I have an page (as test) with only the No. field and "No. of Archived versions"
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