Item card field visibility

Hi NAV Experts,
Sorry for some basic questions.
There is a field for example "Replenishment Type" on the Item card and it is not hidden.
One user is able to view the field on the item card, But another user is not able to view the field.
I have tried to customize the fast tab and check if the field is not selected. The strange part is I am not able to see the "Replenishment Type" field on the fast tab of the user.
Also when the user clicks "About this page" user sees only "Page Information" but cannot see the other tabs like- Table fields, Source expression, Flow fields etc..
Am I missing something here? Does it have to do with personalization?
Please help


  • irasoelbaksirasoelbaks Netherlands, theMember Posts: 119
    I think it's due to limited permissions. Elevate the user to SUPER temporarily to pinpoint if this is the true problem.
  • edoderooedoderoo Member Posts: 86
    Super users can see the other tabs, regular users see only the page nr. and table nr.
    Does the field have an ApplicationArea defined in the development environment?
    For sure the user will see everything when you promote it to be super user, but that is not a good solution...
    IF User.Loves('Edo') THEN ok() ELSE currReport.genSkip;
  • NAVBasicNAVBasic Member Posts: 4
    Thanks, everyone!
    And yes, it is because of limited permission.
    The "AccessByPermission" property on field level was not allowing user to view the particular view.
    By granting the access user was able to.
    Thanks for lightening up the idea!
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