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i just installed my machine and i still have a great problem. If i debug any Nav Version (2013,2013R2,2015) the debugger reacts very slow. Slow means i click and get a responds in 30 seconds or more.

Actually i have just installed NAV 2013 R2 and NAV 2015 and SQL Server 2012.

The Service runs on a networkmachine, so its NOT local - but local debugging is as slow.



  • NAVFuchsNAVFuchs Member Posts: 51
    It's an very old post, but could you solve it?
  • ArhontisArhontis Member Posts: 665
    This post is even older... Having great problems on performance while debugging, 30 seconds at minimum. Is there any info on how to improve/solve this? (MBS NAV 2018)
  • irasoelbaksirasoelbaks Netherlands, theMember Posts: 119
    Try to eliminate possible causes... Check/run debugger on a enduser machine, on nst, on sql on a local environment (all tiers on 1 machine etc). Performance problems are too complex to point to one specific direction in my opinion.
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    Often you can get better info in the EventLog of the machine where NAV runs (either SQL and/or service tiers). Specifically look at the time stamps you were debugging.
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