NAV partner is blocking us

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Hi everybody,

we are not satisfied with our NAV partner and want to switch to another one. We have filled out the according form and the new partner has sent it to MS. After a while MS informed our new partner that our current partner has denied the switch and we should discuss the issue with them.
They insist on us paying some bills which we find unjustified, because they didn't deliver as promised and overcharged us. This was the major reason to change the partner in the first place.

I'm surprised the current partner even has the power to deny our switch, which turns this into some sort of blackmail situation.
Besides legal action, is there anything we can do? Our only means of communication with MS seems to be through our new partner, who says they can only communicate through a ticket system and have no option to escalate this to a higher level.

Has someone experienced something similar?

Any tips?


  • AlexeyShaminAlexeyShamin Member Posts: 80
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    We are MS partners.
    This situation is unnatural. Contact MC directly or through any other partner.

    What country are you in?
  • AKAK GermanyMember Posts: 226
    The country is Germany. With "MC" you mean MS, Microsoft? I've tried, but in their automated phone system they don't have an option for NAV and every other department there can't direct me to someone helpful.

    Our new partner can also only communicate with MS through a ticket system, and the only answer they get from MS is that we should discuss this with our old partner.
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