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I have a hard time figuring out what my date formula should look like on my items. Our suppliers deliver 2 times a week (tuesday and friday) so what I would like to achieve is that the customers would get the fastest delivery date. E.g. if a customer orders on a wednesday and our suppliers have 3 weeks delivery the formula would be 3W + 5WD but if the customer orders on a friday it would look like 3W + 2WD.

How would I achieve this when I cant put two different days in the same formula? Thanks!


  • rjmvdvenrjmvdven Member Posts: 22
    I guess you have to set the formula to 3W, since that is the delivery time the vendor communicated. Then you can also define a calendar on the vendor card, in which you can set what days the vendor delivers. This way the system will calculate the next available delivery date after the 3 weeks delivery time.
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