Where is currency in words coming from?

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I am trying to figure out where is POUNDS (Currency in words) coming from when I print a Posted Sales Invoice.
It appears for some documents only and I can't figure out where is it coming from.
I do not want it to be there since the Currency Code shows right after it and that is all that I want.


The LCY Code on General Ledger Setup is AED and its Symbol is also AED.
The Currency of the Document is AED.
The Customer that I printed the above screenshot attached Posted Sales Invoice has Currency has LCY (hence, AED)

Its been quite some time I am trying to figure out where is the POUNDS coming from and I have failed.

for you info, the client's tenant has the following Version: Platform 14.0.37683.0 + Application 37693 (GB Business Central 14.5)

I even dug into the standard function FormatNoText from Report 1401 and could not figure out how is it bringing POUNDS.

Any help will be highly appreciated!
Thanks in advance.


  • Wisa123Wisa123 Member Posts: 291
    FormatNoText is called with the CurrencyCode of the Bank account in question. Check the respective Currency Codes on the involved Bank account cards.
    Austrian NAV/BC Dev
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