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Good morning.

I am changing in an extensions my Options fields to Enum.
Does anybody know how I can go over the different values in an Enum.
Namely, with Options if you write this code:

for i := 0 to 5 do begin
SalesLine.type := i;

You obtain:

' ',G/L Account,Item,Resource,Fixed Asset,Charge (Item)

And another question......

If you do not want in a page to appear all the options of an Option field (i.e: If you do not want anybody to be able to write "G/L Account" in Sales Line, you can set the property OptionCaption in the page as ' ',,Item,Resource,Fixed Asset,Charge (Item), namely, removing G/L Account from the OptionCaption), Do you know any way to achieve this with Enums?

Thank so much.


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    Good morning,
    The approach for going over enums is identical as the one you describe for options.
    As for the second question, you can use the ValuesAllowed property to define which values are visible
  • JJMcJJMc Member Posts: 17
    Tested and Done.....

    Thank you navDS
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