Variable properties

albertoalberto Posts: 58Member
Dear all,

Does someone know which is the table where Navision report variable properties are stored?



  • KTA8KTA8 Posts: 301Member
    If you mean the ones filtered by the user, I think they're in the fin.zup file
  • albertoalberto Posts: 58Member
    No, i meant global and local variables that I put in reports.
    I'd like to understand if there is a table where i can see their properties.
    For example: i want to see which variables are temporary, but i don't want to look at any singular variable and i don't want to extract my report in a txt format.

  • vaprogvaprog Posts: 940Member
    They are not in a table in some tabular form. Dependent on the NAV version, the object's code are in various system tables in various degrees of accessibility, but generally you are easier off just exporting the objects as text. And you need to write a parser anyway.
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