Upgrading Business Central Spring 2019 On premise to CU4

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I upgraded a BC 14 version to cumulative update 4.
All went well and the application runs, but... when i open extension management in the converted application, I find the standard installed extensions still being in the 'old' version. For example the 'Paypal Payment Standard' extension has version v.2.1.29537.0.
When I look in the Cronus database of Cumulative update 4, I see this extension having version 14.5.35970.0 (all other standard extension have this version too.

So i tried to publish the new extensions which are present on the installation media in the extensions folder.
But when doing so I get the error messages below.

publish-navapp -ServerInstance xprt_400_development -Path .\PayPalPaymentsStandard.app -SkipVerification

error AL1024: A package with publisher 'Microsoft', name 'Application', and a version compatible with '14.5.35970.0' co
uld not be loaded. Symbols for the requested app Application by Microsoft 14.5.35970.0 could not be found in the databa
src/codeunits/COD1070.al(3,29): error AL0185: Table '289' is missing
src/codeunits/COD1070.al(4,15): error AL0185: Table '1062' is missing

.... and the list continues.
But all tables are in the database and are compiled correctly, synced etc.

What am i missing?

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  • mvendertmvendert Posts: 4Member
    SanderDK, Thanks for the tips. It helped... but I also had to change the 'Enable loading application symbol references at server startup' to true.
    Apps have been published and installed correctly now.
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