Hi, I got a problem in roles of SA in microsoft NAV Dynamics with sql server 2009

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I am relatively new to Microsoft Navision 2009. My Company still uses it and wants me to customize it. I have read online that Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 Classic with SQL server is the right tool to do that and i am able to connect the database to this software as well. Now upon successful login yesterday, i have tried to create a new user in navision for myself. Already done that in SQL server mgmt studio and need to do that here. So went to database login and tried to create User. it was not accepting any of the users which were there in the SQL security login directory.

So i tried using SA which is general and sort of super account. However, I don't want to implement any roles for this SA. I tried exiting the window and now this user SA is able to login using this software but unable to see any thing as its permissions are changed which it was seeing earlier. Can anyone help me on how to get its permissions back in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 R2 with SQL server. I meant to see and edit things in this software.

I am really stuck on this point. Really appreciate help from anybody.




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