Decimal Values not exported !!

Hi All,

I have created a process only report to export Cust. Ledger Entry table details as CSV.

Here Customer no, Name, Posting date is exported correctly. But, Decimal values (like Amount, Remaining Amount)exported as Zero.

I don't know why these decimal values are not exported...

Please suggest me some idea to export the decimal values correctly.

Thanks in Advance,
Jacob A.


  • TallyHoTallyHo Member Posts: 369
    calcfields(amount) before exporting.
    They are probably flowfields
  • Jacob1227Jacob1227 Member Posts: 126

    It came now but the value is not coming properly.

    Ex: Amount is : 80,530.10
    But exported in two columns ->
    First column 80
    Second Column 530.10

    It happened because of , comma symbol.

    How can i get the whole value in a single column like 80,530,10?
  • TallyHoTallyHo Member Posts: 369
    Use another separator (;) or add quotations (")
    To separate your fields.
  • Jacob1227Jacob1227 Member Posts: 126

    Where i have to add the separator here?

    Cust. Ledger Entry - OnAfterGetRecord()

    fFileToExport.WRITE(STRSUBSTNO('%1;%2;%3;%4;%5',"Cust. Ledger Entry"."Customer No.","Cust. Ledger Entry"."Posting Date",
    "Cust. Ledger Entry"."Document Type","Cust. Ledger Entry".Amount,"Cust. Ledger Entry"."Remaining Amount"));

  • TallyHoTallyHo Member Posts: 369
    Try this:
  • mucamuca Member Posts: 42
    Use <Standard Format,1> to export decimal values >1000
    ......"Document Type",FORMAT("Cust. Ledger Entry".Amount,0,'<Standard Format,1>'),FORMAT("Cust. Ledger Entry"."Remaining Amount",0,'<Standard Format,1>')));
  • Jacob1227Jacob1227 Member Posts: 126
    Thanks, Tally and Muca.

    I have tried this . It works.

    "Cust. Ledger Entry"."Document Type",DELCHR(FORMAT("Cust. Ledger Entry".Amount),'=',',')

    Warm regards,
    Jacob A.
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