Web Client Filter SQL query with COLLATION and LIKE

skiddooskiddoo Member Posts: 9

filtering in the Web Client is causing a SQL query where the WHERE clause using a COLLATE LATIN1_100_CI_AI and a LIKE. This is a performance killer on tables with a lot of records because the SQL server is using then the clustered index instead of the proper index.
I can avoid that by using single quotes around the filter string.

I know NAV is doing it because of usability reasons. A user which is filtering for CustomerA wants to find CustomerA as well as customera. And it's fine for a small database like Cronus. But for big databases like ours it's a nightmare.

Is there a way to change that behavior. I would like to have a "as is" filter by default. In case the user want's something different he needs to adjust his filter with an @ or *. Like in the good old days :)



  • PatrickGrabensteinerPatrickGrabensteiner Member Posts: 10
    Which Version do you use?

    In BC14 WebClient you could use the filterpane which has the same behaviour as the filterpane within RTC
    If you use the searchbox then it searches all fields with like (very slow)
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