Purchase Credit Memo Charge Makes Average Cost Weird

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So I have this kind of scenario. From vendor, we got price protection/rebate. If the price decrease, then we can get rebate based on our existing stock. Let say we purchase 10.000 KG, then we sold 7500 KG, so our stock is 2500 KG. Then the price drop 100 $ per KG, so we will get rebate = 2500 KG x 100 $ = 250.000 $
The item is average by item, by day.

I try this in Cronus, NAV 2018 CU 14
- Create New Item, costing method : average
- New Purchase Order, 10.000 KG, price 1100 per KG, post the receive and invoice
- New Sales Order, 7500 KG, price 1500 per KG, post the shipment and invoice
- Transfer Order the 2500 KG left from existing location to a new location, post ship and receive
- New Purchase Credit Memo, type = Charge, Amount = 250.000, and I charge it to the Posted Transfer Received. Post the Credit Memo
- Run the adjust cost

The cost per KG in the on hand stock is correct, its decreased from 1100$ to 1000$, but the Cost in the Sales entries is also decreased, from 1100$ to 1075$.
The Question is, why the cost in the Sales Entries is also decreased?
I've tried using revaluation journal, instead of Purchase Credit Memo, and it gives the same result.

Alphonsus Eka

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