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Hello Guys

I will slowly despair... I have a problem. I need to expand the "Excel Buffer" with a function with 2 parameters. First parameter "From Cell" second Parameter "To Cell". Then i need somehow to Delete all Rows between this 2 Parameters. Somehow i have tried with multiple DotNet's but nothing works!! It should be connected with the Worksheet .net used in the Excel Buffer.
It can't be that hard :neutral:

can you guys help me?

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    I don't have access to NAV right. But normally we use a temp Excel Buffer record to fill the data. What I would do is to create a function with three parameters.

    DeleteRows(Row1 as int, Row2 as int,NewTempRec as Excel Buffer pass-by-var)

    Within this function, I'd copy existing records from source-table into the NewTempRec except the rows between Row1 and Row2.
    And the I would export NewTempRec into Excel file.
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    Thank you serdarulutas, this wouldnt work because i need to explicitly delete it from my template not from the buffer actually. But i manage it to do with this dotNet Microsoft.Dynamics.Nav.OpenXml.Spreadsheet.WorkbookWriter.'Microsoft.Dynamics.Nav.OpenXml, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=31bf3856ad364e35'

    I have actually a Template which i always need to change a bit. As the data is not in the excel buffer i have to delete.

    Anyway thanks for your time :)
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