the type 5056 was not defined for the function

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We had this error when trying to export some tables in .txt format in NAV 2018, this was a database upgraded from NAV 2009. by looking at this post we were able to solve the problem by looking at custom added fields removing them and adding them again without saving in between, but it could be nice to know why this error occurred.


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    Ok i think i know why this problem occurred, the database we exported from was a CU0 but the field was added using a CU5 database.
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    Hi Welander,

    If you got the resolution can you please share with us. Because still we are facing the same issue.
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    Hi vaprog
    Have this issue too but wasn't too sure what the remedy that Erik was suggesting?
    Big D signing off!
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    Hi Big_D,

    Erik says
    The solution, do not mix your development environment. Currently, that means that CU2 is the preferred CU for NAV2018 development.

    (The quick fix, is the remove the fields, and RETYPE them (Cut’n’Paste will not work).

    So the first paragraph says: do not use your objects in an older version (build) of NAV than the one you have last used to save it in.

    The second paragraph (the parentheses) says: Remove any fields that have the new property and re-create them by typing them in. You can cut and past any trigger code, but not the field itself.

    My own suggestion is:
    • Use a newer development environment to export the object as text.
    • Edit the exported object and remove the DataClassification option.
    • Import the edited text object into your (older) target version
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    Hi Erik

    Actually tried this at last and works a treat :D !

    Big thanks
    Big D signing off!
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