Get Amount Including Vat of Sales line in purchase Line

I have the "purchase quote" page and in the lines section uses the page "Purchase Quote Subform". I need to create a new column in the lines part of the page (Purchase) and show the actual price of the item. So in order to his I have two options: or use the sales line table (amount including vat) or use sales price table (Unit Price Including VAT).

My problem is in both solutions I can't do a Get of the record because I have fields missing.

In Sales line I don't have the Sales Header No (I'm in a purchase order).

The idea of this column is to compare the actual price with the new one that the user will create in the purchase quote.


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    There is no such thing as one universal "actual price of the item" on the sales side. The price of an item, in general, may vary among customers, dates, campaign codes, customer price groups etc. For that reason it makes a very little sense to try to display item sales unit price on a purchasing side - as you do not know anything there to whom you will be selling that item and when.
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