Create DimesionSet entries

Al65Al65 Member Posts: 1
Hello there; Can someone please explain how to add Dimension Set entries via Web Service in Dynamics 365 , Im fairly new to Nav, I'm integrating batches lines, but I need to create or integrate the Dimension Sets along; it's this possible with existing web services?. Thank you very much


  • txerifftxeriff Member Posts: 480
    You may need to read how dimension set ID works and how nav does it. You can dig into NAV T36 table show you how it creates using it´s own functions, reads... look for createdim function:
    then into it it calls to dimension mgt CU :

    "Dimension Set ID" :=
    DimMgt.GetDefaultDimID(TableID,No,SourceCodeSetup.Sales,"Shortcut Dimension 1 Code","Shortcut Dimension 2 Code",0,0);

    Go to the object you are trying to relate the dimension set and see how it fills up (it should be the same). This is something they changed in NAV 2013.

    I hope this helps.
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