How to Filter in Report?

p0wertubep0wertube Member Posts: 13
Hey Guys,

i'm working on my first report, to provide informations about salescredit-memos for our sales-representatives.

Now I'm trying to add a filter to the report.
Our NAV supplier added an custom option field named "Return Operation" to the table 115 (sc-credit memolines), which
shows if the return is accepted or refused.

So I've added a CAL Global (boolean) and also an option field to the request page. (show only accepted)
Now I have to write some CAL Code so that the report will only print / display all lines (accepted and refused) or just the accepted.

I'm pretty sure that I've have to put it in the OnAfterGetRecord-Trigger, but I have no idea about the syntax.

pls help :D

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  • p0wertubep0wertube Member Posts: 13
    I tried this, but I get the error message: "the prefix operator cannot be used on option"

    IF showAccept THEN BEGIN
    IF NOT "Sales Cr.Memo Line"."Return Operation"::Approved
  • KTA8KTA8 Member Posts: 301
    If I understand it well, that boolean field it's in the table; so your users can filter for them like if they were filtering the customer name or something like that. You shouldn't need to do anything in code.
  • p0wertubep0wertube Member Posts: 13
    Hey Aluan,

    thanks that worked fine.
    I have some more "hard" filters like (Type = Item) etc, but Return Operation is the only boolean filter on the request page
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