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I am working on a purchase order report that was developed in NAV2009 Classic that needs to be updated to NAV2017. The NAV2017 client is using SQL Server Report Builder 2014. In the original report, after the last page printed, 5 additional pages printed automatically. Four pages were for terms & conditions and the final page was a confirmation page. In Classic this was managed by adding sections after the footer to print the additional information. I am struggling to find a solution that keeps this process all contain in one request to print. Any suggestions would be welcomed.
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    Show some screen capture how you used to do this in classic client. (sections, dataitems..:)
    this will help giving a cue.

    Its tricky to find RDLC workrounds.
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    Hi Kimberly; I'm having the same issue.. Have found a solution yet? if yes, can you please share it with me? Thank you
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