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Hi guys!
Doing upgrade from 2013->2017 have a question about Job Queue.
In short -> when user (packer) finishes sales order packing - sales order put into the Job Queue to be posted.
According to the msdn:
Task scheduler "session runs by using the same user/credentials that are used when calling C/AL code."
So sales order will be posted under the packer`s credentials. And this was confirmed by tests.
And the packer have to have all the rights to post sales order.
But we dont want to give him this. In 2013 we have special service account which have posting rights.

So the questions is it possible in NAV 2017 Job Scheduler to keep the same "rights model"?
Or we have to give posting rights to the user who put order into the Job Queue and there is no way around it?


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  • kvbkvb Posts: 94Member
    Put the job in the queue in the disabled state, and use another job queue task to enable the first one?

    Yep, we thought about some kind of modification you described, thanks..
    Actually i just want double check that its not possible standard way, because we confused little bit that it was changed this way (changing all job queue processes user rights was not expected).

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