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Hi all,

not sure if anybody asked it already before, but I'm curious to know if you identified any kind of difference in usage after switching to the new layout? For instance, the amount of questions raised in a given period of time, or the amount of questions answered, or how many site visits you have per day, or the average time staying on the website, etc.

I'm still struggling with the new layout and I was wondering if others feel the same and if there's any recognizable difference that could be related to that.
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  • jglathejglathe Posts: 638Member
    Yes, it has generally gone down. I use mibuso maybe twice a week, and only for a short duration. The layout is not really the reason (it doesn't help, either), it's more a question of content, and product lifcycle.
  • einsTeIn.NETeinsTeIn.NET BochumPosts: 1,040Member
    You mean the quality of questions and answers went down compared to the past?

    By product lifecycle you mean that since we get a new release each year, it's harder to follow and give advices because each major release does have its own pitfalls?
    "Money is likewise the greatest chance and the greatest scourge of mankind."
  • jglathejglathe Posts: 638Member
    Yes, yes and a few other things. Sadly. If the best advice you can sometimes give is "don't use it" then its a mess.
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