Error when trying the unapply Customer Entries due to Additional Currency

In our Navision solution we are running a setup with additional currency (EUR).
When we try to unapply a Customer Ledger Entry with posting 08-08-16, we get this error:
"You cannot unapply the entry with the posting date 08-08-16, because the exchange rate for the additional reporting currency has been changed. "
I'm trying to do the unapply with posting date 09-09-2016.
Does anyone know why this check exist?


  • jglathejglathe Member Posts: 638
    Hi Carsten,

    interesting... This check is there since NAV4.00. It is sort of absolutistic, if this condition is met, the unapply is denied. What I can think of is that if you unapply at another date, and the exchange rate has changed, it would result in G/L entries with different ACY amounts than originally posted. However, the same holds true for an application on a different date than the original posting (one exception: currency of all entries is ACY) and daily exchange rate updates. This is allowed, though, and will be adjusted when you run the adjust exchange rates batch. So... a nonsense check? I can't think of a situation where this is an issue.

    with best regards


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