Apply Customer Entries at Invoice Line Level

Our client needs the ability to apply a payment to an invoice at a line by line level.
So, an invoice with two lines, each for $25.
A payment comes in for $45.
They want to show line one as fully paid, and line two as partially.
This is important because they provide service, so they need the ability to track what actually has been paid or not.




  • Wisa123Wisa123 Member Posts: 308
    AFAIK theres no way in the standard to achieve this. One Invoice always equals a single Cust. Ledger Entry.

    So this won't work without customization, you should first try to understand exactly why they want this, and maybe there is another way in NAV to satisfy your customers needs.

    Otherwise get a plan ready and start coding.
    Austrian NAV/BC Dev
  • jglathejglathe Member Posts: 639
    Hi there,

    sort of tricky to do this. The "easiest" way would be to have an initial entry for every position, and a link to the posted invoice line in there. Also, you need to have flowfields on the detailed ledger entries for the remaining amount. On application, you would need a link to the initial entry that is applied - this will be an extra table, "Invoice positions to apply". This link must also be part of the application entry.

    With this data structure you have several benefits:
    1. It is as complex as the requirement and should handle all use cases.
    2. The view from the customer/vendor is the same as standard, which also means no changes in these reports. You have one open CL/VL entry per invoice. Payment proposal *could* work as before. Adjust Exchange Rates wouldn't need changes for this. Likewise / mostly all this pesky payment discount/payment tolerance stuff.

    What is a little tricky is the unapply function. And you might want to disable the "combine detailed entries" logic, which is not a bad idea anyway.

    If you really need to implement this in Navision Financials, then it's a whole different issue. The CL/VL entries there don't have detailed entries...

    with best regards


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