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I'm yuppicide. Sorry to have to create a second account.. since the switch to the new website/forums or whatever I can't seem to get back in.

Anyway, I know Navision 3.10 doesn't really work with Windows 7, but we're doing it with Virtual XP Mode.

I've got 3 computers in the office still using XP I believe, and 3 or 4 using Windows 7.

We originally had Navision on an old Windows 2000 server, but it was giving us some problems, so we moved it to our main Windows 2003 SBS server. That was working fine for awhile, but that server had some issues. We lost a bunch of data, and re-keyed in manually like 6 months worth of data. But about 2 weeks ago, the server finally bit the dust. Maybe a faulty RAID drive.

So, we moved the server over to a computer in the office that's not being used. 99% of the time this desk is unoccupied, but it has a computer there. Most of the time it's only used as a gateway for our outside network consultant to connect to us if he needs to do any work. Windows 7 machine.

We have a Linksys WRT54G I believe as a router router. But we're all connected by ethernet.

So he set up the server there. Let's say the IP was He pointed our Navision there and we were getting frequent disconnects. And when we got disconnected it would often say we can't login due to number of licenses. He figured out how to get us to stay connected, not sure what he did, but all was fine.

Problem with that old router is we only see about half the internet speeds we pay for and wireless was often disconnecting, prompting us to have to unplug and replug in the router.

So we purchased a new router.. Netgear Nitehawk R7000. This is an AC1900 router. Now we get disconncted like every 50 minutes or so.

The error message we get:
The server is not responding anymore (TCP/IP error ECONNRESET).
Try the following steps in the order specified to resolve the problem:
1. Start the client again.
2. Start the server and then the client again.
3. 3. Check the TCP/IP installation.

See the network documentation for additional information. Contact your system manager if you need assistance.

After clicking OK it says:
The connection to the server was interrupted because of a communication error.
Start the client again.

After we click okay we go to File, Database, Close, and then exit Navision. We wait about 2 minutes and are able to log back in. But as noted before, sometimes you can't log in due to licenses because some people are logged in twice.

I do not have access to anything myself, but I am wondering if there's some information I can give to my Operations Manager / Network Consultant to try and help the issue. Obviously I hope they don't return the new router since our cell phones are allowed to connect to it for internet and it provides us the stable connection and faster speeds.


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    PS - Is there really an updated EXE that will work on Windows 7 machines for Navision 3.10a? Awhile ago I was told by someone here there is, but I'm not entirely sure if that's true. Searching Google there doesn't seem to be one. We don't have a support contract any more so to get the EXE we'd have to pay someone most likely.
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    Who's getting disconnected? All at the same time? Each one independently? Only certain users? Is there a difference between virtualized and non-virtualized clients?

    I think you should begin by looking at the windows event log of the server and disconnected client. If this does not already tell you the cause, start by verifying your network infrastructure, all cabling, wall sockets, patch panels, etc. They need to be measured with proper equipment. If you use WiFi, verify the WiFi signal strength, quality, and eliminate all sources of interference. Consider switching to cabled network wherever possible. Also make sure your switch/switches and all the network cards are working properly, continuously.

    Also consider using professional grade gear. It is built for higher reliance compared to home/SoHo gear.
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    Everyone gets disconnected at the same time.. virtualized and non-virtualized. We're all wired, except for one person, who isn't in the office very much.

    Not sure how the server is running, but it resides on someone else's computer currently. With our old WRT54G router it runs pretty stable. Not sure what is the problem, but with the new Netgear Nitehawk R7000 AC router it disconnects every 50 minutes or so.
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    You should start over. Sounds like all your servers died so you moved the database server to a Windows 7 PC in Virtual XP Mode. Is this correct?

    Also, You keep mentioning a wireless router. Are all machines connected to this router to create the network? Do you have a network switch?
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    I wonder if a solution was ever found. If using a wireless router as you dns server you have check the setting "Client Lease Time".
    Sounds like why your getting kicked ever 50 mins.
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